David Cauldwell


Dare to Whirl

Dare to WhirlDavid CauldwellComment

Spiralling, siphoning, entrancing – the magical motion of a vortex is both dramatic and dynamic. These whirling phenomena reflect the cyclical nature of evolution, forming as devastating hurricanes that create opportunities for rebirth. They are symbolic of propulsion, appearing in the wake of airplanes and paddle-prints on water. And they are proponents of a language that cannot be written, fundamental in the formation of smoke rings.

Transcending Duality.jpg

The mind whirls around its creative axis, forming energetic portals that manifest as ideas, the kind that inspire airplanes and the language of smoke. These portals of energy are created both collectively (for example, devotees gathering to give power to religious iconography), and individually (monks meditating in mountaintop monasteries). Vortices appear in the centre of the picture, of the mind; the ripple effects of these openings are seen all around this central vortex. Inspiration unfolds.

Opening vortices challenge engrained belief systems. They expose environmental conditioning and programming, and expand consciousness and understanding. They remind us of the magnificence of our minds, of what is possible if we dare to believe in our ability to create realities based on the wonder of dreams.