David Cauldwell

Synaptic Seeds

Synaptic Seeds

Synaptic SeedsDavid CauldwellComment

What does it look like inside the brain when neurons fire to fuel a moment of inspiration? When synaptic seeds spark, they oscillate at a frequency that stirs other neurons into life. Thrumming mycelial networks everywhere. In the centre of this activity, a portal emerges, one born of the matter that forms universes. This portal morphs into thought.

Kaleidoscopic canvases capture thoughts in their purest form, without material structure, and untainted by any desire that binds them to story. Stare centrally, fixating on a point. Fall into an endless cauldron of ideas made from dream dust. See how ready you are to spread the alchemy of possibility with just the twinkle of an eye. Meet thought here and so carries the tantric pulse, so you’ll hear the beat to a soul dance.