David Cauldwell


Forgotten Ones

Forgotten OnesDavid CauldwellComment

What happens to the spirits of ancient civilisations when they are wiped out? Human forms may have long disappeared, but the energetic aftershocks of these ancient Earth custodians still resonate in sacred sites around the globe. Having lost physical form, these beings drift in an etheric realm sandwiched between Earth and the Great Void. They are still able to appear on the Earth plain, often becoming visible in states of altered consciousness, when in communion with sacramental plant spirits, and also in dreams.

The key to manifestation is making the invisible visible. Sometimes we’re drawn to ancient cultures, perhaps feeling as though we’ve had lifetimes in specific epochs. Take time to pause when this happens. The custodians, these forgotten spirits, utter messages from the annals of No-time. They whisper secrets that can only be understood at a cellular level: encryptions transmitted via dreams, where dream bodies sidestep into realms where they can receive these messages, and then bring back their essence to be integrated into the physical body. The Forgotten Ones talk in tongues. Who will hear their messages?