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The poor, young ego. It gets such a bad rap when all it probably needs is a damn good hug.


I think so much of the confusion we feel about ourselves is because we don’t properly understand the role the ego can play for us, and how to connect healthily with it. For me, my ego has put me into closer contact with the positive, magical aspect of my childlike self. And I believe that the ego can enable us to form a healthier relationship with our inner children. It can switch us on to the magick of imaginations seemingly stifled by adulthood. One hug at a time. 

What do you feel your ego can teach you? Is it enabling a stronger sense of connection to your childlike self? Flick me a comment below and let’s chew the cud!


When we talk about crushing the ego
Smashing it to pieces
We talk about crushing a part of ourselves
The weeping child in isolation
Ignored for so long
That the only way it can get attention
Is to scream so loudly
So abhorrently at times
Until veins throb
In the hope we’ll listen
In the hope we’ll take it to our chests
And embrace that which was never soothed
Listen not to what the ego critic says
Instead see the child tremor behind the spite
As hurt as you by venomous vitriol
In its desperation to be heard
Dissolve the ego
Dissolve a magical place within
That child with a full throttle imagination
A magician capable of creating worlds of wonder
You are the energetic guardian of yourself
Every step in this life a journey towards that
So stand up 
Be kind to the part that bullies you into thinking you are less than God
For that bully is here to show you
Unflinching compassion in the face of hostility
And the Divine nature
Of everything that lies beneath