David Cauldwell

Breaking Open the Head

Breaking Open the HeadDavid CauldwellComment

That moment of realisation when everything suddenly seems to make sense. That moment of release, when old traumas are finally squeezed from sore cells, the psychological sponge wrung out, the mind ready now to absorb only benevolence and nourishment. That moment of meditation when the third eye splits open and a cavalcade of downloads cascade through the crown: a new wave of energy is here, one inspiring ideas and visions of a more symbiotic society, of a world more aligned with everyone’s true sense of purpose, of pure position.

In moments such as these, the head appears to split right open. Malingering daemons, festering tenants that have never paid the rent, can no longer survive in this heightened vibration. Angels rally to support energetic growth, filling the gaps where daemons once plotted actions of self-sabotage. Dormant aspects of the self – ones teeming with magick and harmonic resonance, now burst into life. Existence will never be the same…