David Cauldwell

Conjurer in the Waves

Conjurer in the Waves

So….I have a confession: I have this thing called pareidolia, which doesn’t come with warts (thankfully); it’s an uncanny ability to see faces everywhere. And I mean everywhere. I see octo-eyed deities soaring in cirrostratus, shamans in frilly net curtains and old Sufi men in Persian rug weaves. While it might seem a bit freaky to be seeing faces everywhere, it has been the inspiration for many pieces of art.

I first started seeing faces on a moonlit beach about a decade ago, a thousand fleeting faces in foaming waves. With every breath of the ocean, with every incoming wave, faces emerged as quickly as they disappeared. From that moment on, I began seeing faces everywhere.

I was working as an adventure travel writer at the time and embarking on numerous wilderness hikes. I spent a lot of time outdoors sometimes for days on end. The wild isolation reactivated a dormant sense; I could suddenly see what I perceived to be nature spirits. They were buried in trees, rocks, water and other organic matter. My landscape photography became the basis for every piece of digital art. My practice soon expanded and since that first spirit picture I took, I’ve developed several collections of art inspired by pareidolia. Every piece of art has its own unique poem as well.

What if every deed were a living piece of art, every breath a further strengthening of the connection between Nature and Self? What if every step we took was a poetic pirouette twirling in a timeless expression of who we are as beings? My art is an exploration of these questions. It is a corridor between the etheric and the physical, an invitation to awaken back into the Dreamtime of the planet where we can all remember the magick of our souls. Where we can share it and nourish the world. We’re all powerful beyond our wildest comprehension. All we have to do is believe it.